Naturalex team

The company counts over 70 employees.
This team of devoted and talented people contributes every day to Naturalex’s success.
We want to introduce you the people who make Naturalex so special.

Here are the faces who make it possible.
We hope these following testimonies will allow you to know a bit more about
the making of our products and the company’s friendly working atmosphere.

« Our team is like a big family: the working atmosphere is very friendly. Everybody knows and helps each other and fights for the success of the company. We are happier and more involved in our daily tasks. »

José P., Naturalex technician

« As a junior engineer, the new projects we are developing allow me to tackle different themes: resolving technical issues, developing new materials and processes, etc. Working in a friendly environment is really motivating.»

David D., Naturalex junior engineer

« The training we receive allows us to develop new skills and improve our work efficiency. With time and efforts, I have developed a safe and constant cadence. »

María A., Naturalex technician.

« The team spirit helps creating a pleasant and stimulating working environment. Thanks to the experience I have gained through the years, I get to train the new employees. I like to take time to train them and share my pleasure to work for that company. »

Antonio A., Naturalex maneuver technician

« The satisfaction of an accomplished job when I see a finished product has no price! At Naturalex, we take good care of making each mattress according to the European standards with a personalized follow-up, from beginning to end, to ensure the customer a perfect sleep. »

Martín S., Naturalex technician

« My job as a technician makes me happy and it is what matters. I control the making of a mattress from beginning to end. I work very closely with engineers, so it allows me to learn about the profession every single day and improve my knowledge. »

Miguel L., Naturalex specialist technician


Naturalex mattresses are certified by Oeko-tex® free of toxic and allergenic products.


Le Blue Latex® est la principale mousse à effet mémoire qui entre dans la composition des matelas Naturalex.


Every mattress is made in the European Union and fulfills European standards.


Naturalex mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and are controlled at each stage of production.

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